Theory and Principles

Presentations on the theory and principles of social justice advocacy

Edinbugh RallyLooking for a one-size-fits-all social justice advocacy toolkit? We don’t have one of those, but we do have some very seasoned practitioners who have thought long and hard about the principles that cross contexts and issues. After spending time with Commissioner Bill Cochrane (IHQ), Dr Don Posterski (ISJC), Lt-Colonel Paul Bollwahn (USA Western) and others across the Army world, we’re confident you’ll have started your own tool box, kitted out with principles you can apply in your ministry.

Some of the presentations may include video or audio, or even be delivered entirely using this type of media. In these cases the media player will be embedded in the page, and will give you the best viewing experience.

Photo: Edinburgh Rally - 2nd July 2005. Over 225,000 people gather in Edinburgh to take part in the world's largest human white band around the city centre. Photo courtesy of

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